Is your car or truck making a buzzing noise or producing noxious smells? It’s probably time to get the muffler checked out. Without an inspection, the problem could escalate into lower gas mileage, violations against city noise ordinances, and engine damage. Hawker’s Auto in both Fort Collins and Loveland is a muffler repair shop with more than 32 years of experience. By bringing your car in for a muffler examination or repair, we can diagnose the issue and find an honest solution.

We approach our muffler repair services with the most cost-effective solution for our customers. That means if a cracked muffler needs welding, we opt for that option over a complete replacement. Our mechanics always choose the best option for the vehicle’s longevity and reliability. The vehicle’s exhaust system depends on a functioning muffler, so it’s important to work with a repair shop that truly understands your car’s mechanical complexities.

If your car does need a complete muffler replacement, the team at Hawker’s Automotive will choose the most affordable part from a network of suppliers, carrying the savings over to you. Our mechanics make sure the muffler is installed correctly, allowing you to drive away with the peace of mind that your vehicle is running at top efficiency.

To set up an appointment for either or our Fort Collins or Loveland muffler repair shops, please call 970-224-4700.